Using Tea Tree Oil To Treat Nasal Polyps

Using Tea Tree Oil To Treat Nasal Polyps

One of the best known natural home remedies is using to treat nasal polyps. It can be used alone or with a combination of different other natural ingredients to provide relief from nasal polyps as well as to prevent the recurrence of polyps.

So What Are Nasal Polyps?

Polypoidal masses are also known commonly as nasal polyps. These are small benign growths that you will see around the nose edges and are quite uncomfortable for many people. They can vary in different sizes and cause inflammation of the sinuses. They are normally described as jelly like grape shaped extra growths on the nose edges that have gray, yellow or pink hue to it.

What Causes Nasal Polyps?

There is no certainty about what causes polyps, but the majority of the cases links to allergies and sometimes even aggravated allergic conditions. Some of the medical conditions like sinusitis, hay fever due to pollen, inflation due to asthma, allergy due to aspirin and so on can cause nasal polyp formation.

What Are Its Symptoms?

The smaller polyps in the nose do not cause a lot of irritation or trouble. The big ones are the culprits and they may lead to migraines, increased snoring, stuffy nose, obstruction of the airways and mucus drainage. In severe cases, people suffer from sensation of taste or smell. But, the common symptoms are runny nose, headaches and snoring.

Tea Tree Oil And Distilled Watertreat-polyps-with-tea-tree-oil

  • In a small bowl, take 1 cup of distilled water and to this add around 6 – 10 drops of Tea Tree oil. Mix well.
  • Put this solution in a nasal spray bottle and shake it well.
  • Spray this solution in each of your nostrils a few times each day to help reduce the effects of nasal polyps in as little as a few days time.

Tea Tree Oil And Grape Seed Extract

  • Add a cup to 1 ½ cups of boiled water in a Neti pot. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil and also a few drops of concentrated grape seed extract.
  • Pour this solution in a nasal spray bottle and spray it in each of your nostril for a few times daily.
  • In a couple of weeks you will feel that nose inflammation due to polyps has disappeared.

The above are some of the ways on how to use tree tea oil for nasal polyps.

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Can you use this recipe for sinusitis?


    Hi Terry,

    The best thing would be to check with your doctor to make sure this is OK for you to try, but Tea Tree Oil is natures natural anti-septic which inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, as well as cleanses and protects the areas of application.
    Hope this helps.

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