Symptoms of Nasal Sinus Polyps

Symptoms of Nasal Sinus Polyps

Nasal polyps refer to common, non-cancerous growths that are shaped like teardrops and form in the sinuses or in the nose where the sinuses connect to the nasal cavity. When they grow, mature polyps end up looking like peeled


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and seedless grapes. They are soft to touch and usually don’t have any feeling with them.

Usually linked to asthma or allergies, nasal polyps might not show any symptoms whatsoever, most of all if they are relatively small. In these cases, they won’t even require any treatment. However, if they are already so big that they block the sinuses’ regular drainage and create a lot of mucus accumulation. When mucus is trapped in the sinuses and cannot drain, serious infections can occur. When this happens, a discolored and thick drainage may occur in the throat and in the nose.

So What Are the Typical Symptoms of Nasal Sinus Polyps?

The largest most common symptom of nasal sinus polyps is nasal congestion. With the nasal and sinus cavities blocked with congestion, trying to breathe freely through the nose becomes uncomfortable and in extreme cases impossible with mouth breathing being the only option. Other symptoms of nasal sinus polyps include:

• Nasal obstruction
• Sneezing
• Runny nose
• Post nasal drip
• Facial pain
• Headaches
• Snoring
• Itchy eyes
• Chronic infections
• Loss of smell and taste
• General hay fever-like symptoms

Many people with nasal polyps have some of the above symptoms of sneezing, a runny nose, and postnasal drip. A diminished sense of smell occurs in approximately 75% of people with polyps. However, a lot of people also experience certain asthmatic symptoms, including sinus infections, wheezing and sensitivity to odours, fumes, chemicals and dust.

Some people start to notice that they become sensitive to various smells, odours or chemicals. If this occurs you may have developed symptoms of nasal sinus polyps. For example, the perfume you use daily starts to bother you or chemicals you have worked with for years become an issue. Many people find that yellow dyes in foods and drinks as well aspirin start to be something they are sensitive to when they develop nasal polyps.

What Helps Alleviate the Nasal Polyps Symptoms?

When the symptoms of nasal sinus polyps start to impede on your daily activities you will need to seek medical advice to determine if you have nasal polyps and what level of treatment is required. If you test positive to them, your doctor will most likely prescribe a Steroid Nasal Spray first to see if your nasal polyps respond to that. If that fails they are most likely to prescribe a course of oral Steroids and in extreme cases antibiotics as well. These work by shrinking the polyps and reducing the inflammation and infection but the treatment is usually short lived.

If they keep reoccurring you will more than likely be admitted for nasal polyp surgery which can cost a few thousand dollars. The problem with surgery is that in most cases the nasal polyps will generally return in as little as 6 months. Then the whole process starts again.

So What Is The Answer For Nasal Polyps?

Many people find they can alleviate a lot of the symptoms of nasal polyps by changing their diet and lifestyle. By removing certain foods from the diet a lot of patients have found that their symptoms have almost disappeared making normal everyday activities enjoyable again. The best case scenario is a total cure with no more of the painful symptoms associated with nasal sinus polyps.

Make sure you talk to your medical practitioner regarding what may or may not suit your condition.


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