Nasal Polyps Treatment

Nasal Polyps Treatment

There are quite a few different nasal polyps treatment options available. The options vary for a patient depending on the size of the polyps, number of polyps, where they are located, and the symptoms they are experiencing. A doctor can do a thorough exam and then offer the patient the choices that may work for them.

A procedure called a nasal endoscope can be done to look inside of the nose. This allows a magnifying lens with a camera attached to be able to show the doctor the inside view of the nose. It is important to understand different types of treatments for nasal polyps removal may have to be tried to find 1 that is successful.


Nasal Corticosteroid Spray

The starting point for most treatment plans with nasal polyps is to prescribe a nasal corticosteroid spray. The product will slowly reduce the size of the polyps until they are completely gone. The spray is typically used twice per day for one week. Prednisone is the most common product that is prescribed.

However, the use of this spray isn’t always going to eliminate the nasal polyps and a further nasal polyps treatment may be prescribed. If the patient has an underlying allergy or infection that hasn’t been treated, they will return. The spray though can offer some relief while further testing and forms of treatment are being implemented. If there is an infection, the nasal corticosteroid spray may be given along with an antibiotic.

Steroid Tablets as Nasal Polyps Treatment

nasalp-polyps-treatment-drugsAmong the different types of treatments for nasal polyp removal is steroid tablets. This may be necessary if the polyps are large and the patient is suffering due to severe inflammation. These tablets may be offered as a stand-alone treatment or along with the corticosteroid spray and a prescription of antibiotics to help clear infection in the nasal passages and sinus area. The downside to using steroid tablets as a nasal polyps treatment is that it generally only provides short term relief from the effects of nasal and sinus polyps and they quite often return within a few months or even less.


The last resort in terms of the different types of treatments for nasal polyp removal is surgery. It may be necessary if all other options have failed to offer enough benefit for the patient to be able to enjoy their life again without pain or discomfort. Surgery can be expensive and it can also come with some risks. However, it may be the option that ends the problem with nasal polyps for some patients once and for all.

The doctor will have to assess if a patient is a good candidate for such a surgical procedure to take place or not. The recovery period can be difficult and there is the risk of an infection so closely working with the doctor before and after the surgery is very important.

On the other hand many patients with nasal and sinus polyps will experience polyp regrowth in as little as 3 – 6 months after surgery. This can be rather disturbing for nasal polyp sufferers to have them return in such a short time after their surgical procedure. As always ask your medical professional lots of questions to help you become informed with your options regarding pre and post surgical procedure for your nasal polyps treatment, and help you decide if surgery is right for you.


Natural Nasal Polyps Treatment

nasal-polyps-treatment-foodNow more often than not your nasal polyps symptoms are a direct result of your lifestyle and environment. They are believed to be linked to allergies and can be related to food, dust, toxins and other factors which can impact your general well being. That being said, many nasal and sinus polyp patients have found relief and permanent cures using natural methods at home. Just by changing their diets and eliminating certain foods like gluten, yeast, alcohol and processed foods to name a few, they have reduced their nasal polyps altogether and now enjoy a nasal poly free life again.

Whatever option you choose to for your nasal polyps treatment you have to be comfortable with it and be totally committed to your general health and well being.


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