Nasal Polyps Remedy Herbal Treatments

Nasal Polyps Remedy Herbal Treatments

There are mystical powers that have continued for years about the elder (Sambucus nigra Caprifoliacea). It is believed that lovely fairies live under the bush. Many people ask the bush’s permission before picking the flowers, berries or leaves.


Herbal Medicinenasal-polyps-remedy-herbal-treatments

Elder(Sambucus nigra Caprifoliacea): Parts used: flowers and berries have a long history of use for alleviating the symptoms of colds and flu. They are particularly used for fever and congestion of the nose and sinuses. Elder flowers have been used to reduce mucus production in hay fever, sinusitis and middle-ear infections. Clinical trials found that commercial elderberry syrup reduced both the symptoms and duration of flu sufferers. Constituents in the berries may activate certain immune cells and act directly on viruses to reduce infection. Elder is high in vitamins A and C. The berries are the nutritional equal of grapes. You can grow elder in your garden.

WARNING: Do not use elder if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Eyebright(Euphrasia officinalis Orobanchaceae): Parts used: leaves and flowers for (catarrhal) inflammation of mucous of the upper respiratory tract, postnasal drip, sinus congestion and headaches. Eyebright is a European alpine wildflower that gets its name from being used for various eye ailments and the inflammation and congestion caused by hay fever, some allergies, and colds. Eyebright is effective as a hay fever remedy and can ease symptoms such as itchy, weeping eyes, sneezing, and watery dripping of the nose. Eyebright can be grown in your home garden. Nasal polyps remedy with herbal treatments has shown success treating polyps in the nasal passages.


Horseradish(Armoracia rusticana): Parts used: roots. Relieves congested sinuses, rich in vitamin C. If you’ve ever eaten horseradish or wasabi its Japanese cousin, you’ll know that it is a rapid decongestant that clears the sinuses immediately. Its compounds glucosinolates liquefies thickened mucus to clear and relieve sinus pressure and head pain. A combination of horseradish and nasturtium (also containing glucosinolates) is just as effective in treating sinus infection as antibiotics but producing fewer side effects. Available in tablets or capsules with or without nasturtium.


Natural Cures for Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyp remedies herbal treatments are home remedies where herbs can be used for treating polyps. Herbs can be used in combination with other herbs.

Combining a sensible and healthy diet with vitamins and exercise are most beneficial for nasal polyps.

  • Vitamin A: Take supplements of 25,000 IU each day for those suffering with nasal polyps.

WARNING: Pregnant women should not take vitamin A.

  • Vitamin C: Take 1000 mg supplements each day with vitamin A. (No vitamin A during pregnancy.) Tomatoes, rich in vitamin C and one or two citrus fruits daily (grapefruit, lemons, oranges) facilitate in minimizing nasal polyps including improving the immune system. Bioflavonoids in citrus promote nasal tissue health. Blood vessels are aided by increasing flow in the nasal cavities decreasing nasal polyps.
  • Bioflavonoids: Promote and stimulate the healing of tissues and is valued for alleviating infection and allergies from returning.
  • Beta Carotene: For ensuring healthy mucus membranes, adequate amounts of beta carotene with vitamin E need to be present in your body. Carrots, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are good sources.
  • Zinc and Selenium: Supplements aid in shrinking nasal polyps.
  • Dandelion and Watercress Tonic: Make a tonic from the juices made from green, leafy herbs of dandelion and watercress leaves and take 3 tablespoons with each meal.


Nasal polyps remedy herbal treatments has been positive for treating polyps in the nasal passages.


Consult with a trained and skilled herbalist for how to prepare herbs and the dosage for natural herbal therapies for nasal polyps.


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I have always preferred using natural remedies for the treatment of ailments. Sometimes I resort to using mainstream medicine if I am unable to find anything about a natural remedy for a particular ailment. Thank you for not only sharing a post about nasal polyp remedies, but also for sharing several natural options so that I can choose which route to take! I’m going to look into the Elder and Eyebright, and luckily I already take a healthy amount of the vitamins you listed. ☺


Hi Elisha,
Glad you found the site helpful. I have searched hi and low to find alternative therapies for my nasal polyps other than surgery and steroids. I have had nasal polypectomy in the past which lasted for around 12 months before I noticed a return in my symptoms. It was then that I found some natural treatments which have kept my condition under control now for quite a while. I think the key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and watch what goes in to your body. Keep that healthy and you will notice benefits with nasal polyps.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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