How To Treat Sinus Polyps With Tea Tree Oil

How To Treat Sinus Polyps With Tea Tree Oil

So you may have heard about using Tea Tree Oil to help relieve symptoms of nasal polyps, but you want to know exactly how to treat sinus polyps with tea tree oil.

Let’s start by understanding how Tea Tree Oil is beneficial with sinus symptoms and a whole stack of other health related issues.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural substance that contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant and disinfectant qualities and have been used by Aboriginal people in Australia for thousands of years as a cure all treatment.

So What Do These Qualities Mean

Antibacterial qualities of tea tree oil mean that it can treat some of the nastiest bacterial infections found in wounds in the tropics of Australia. The oil is not recommended to be taken orally but in very small amounts can help to treat internal bacterial infections found in the colon, stomach, excretory and urine systems.

Microbes which cause malaria and tropical fever can be treated with the antimicrobial substance found in Tea Tree Oil.

The antiviral properties found in this amazing oil help to protect and cure common viral infections including the cold, influenza, measles, mumps and pox.

For people suffering from the effects of colds, coughs, bronchitis and congestion, Tea Tree Oil has shown to provide relief when rubbed onto the chest so that it can be inhaled while sleeping, alternatively a couple of drops on your pillow before bed will do the same trick.

Because of its antiseptic nature, Tea Tree Oil can be applied directly to wounds, cuts, stings and insect bites protecting them from infections.

There are many more benefits of tea tree oil including anti-inflammatory properties which can aid the relief of muscle aches and pains and more.

As Tea Tree Oil is generally a topical treatment, there are potential harmful side effects of ingesting the oil. The most serious can include coma, skin rashes, vomiting and diarrhea.

So How Do I Use Tea Tree Oil For Sinus Relief

  • Well depending on the severity of your condition there are a number of things that you can do. If you sinuses are congested and inflamed, placing a couple of drops of oil on your pillow before bed can help to relieve the stuffiness in your nasal passages.steam bath
  • Using a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in steam bath before bed or when you get up in the morning can help to
    provide some relief as well. Just pour a few cups of boiling water into a bowl with a few drops of oil and place a towel over your head.

Position your head with the towel over the bowel and inhale the steam infused with the oil. Be careful to only breathe the steam in for as long as it is comfortable (you may need to get some fresh air every minute or 2 then go again. You will need to keep your head at least 12 inches away from the bowl so as not to burn yourself. Be sure to keep your eyes closed to prevent irritation.

Extreme Caution

Extreme caution should be taken while using this method to avoid serious burns to yourself or others around you. BOILING WATER AND CHILDREN DO NOT MIX.
  • Some other nasal polyp sufferers have said that applying the oil directly to the polyps with a cotton tip helps to reduce their size after a few days. My nasal polyps were never that far protruding from my nasal passages so this method was not an option for me, I personally liked using the steam bath method.

Tea Tree Oil For Nasal Polyps

So as you can see, the Tee Tree Oil is a good choice for nasal polyps and a host of other uses. Because of the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial qualities of the oil, it makes sense that this will help to relieve your sinus symptoms.

As you probably are aware sinus inflammation is one of the main contributing factors to the formation of nasal polyps so anything that can help to relieve the inflammation is a good start towards managing this condition.

I am not a doctor but have been down this road for many years, as with any home based remedy, consult your physician before using Tea Tree Oil to see if it is right for your circumstances.

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