Home Remedy For Nasal Polyp

Home Remedy For Nasal Polyp

Before seeking surgery you should try to find a home remedy for nasal polyp. Nasal polyps are jelly like extra growth in the nasal cavities that are not so easy to handle. You would feel quite uncomfortable with polyps in your nose. The sinus nasal polyps will cause other symptoms like nose inflammation, pain, blockage, respiratory problems and other infections which could also turn out to be serious. The following are a few home remedies that will help in getting rid of nasal polyps.

Home Remedy For Nasal Polyp Could Include

Saline Nasal Spray Solution

  • Mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of warm water and make sure that it dissolves completely.
  • Store this solution in an empty nasal spray bottle or use a bulb syringe to spray the solution into each nostril.
  • You can spray the solution into your nostrils at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • This will help in getting rid of the symptoms of nasal polyps.nasal-polyp-home-remedy-bathing

Hot Shower Or Hot Water Bath

nasal-polyp-home-remedy-bathingSoaking your body in a tub of hot water or standing under a hot shower for a few minutes will help in easing nasal congestion and also reduce the nasal inflammation due to polyps. It will also help in reducing the recurrence of these polyps. So, taking hot water bath or shower at least twice a week is effective in reducing nasal polyps.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is found to be an excellent home remedy for nasal polyp.

  • You should mix organic apple cider vinegar in hot water in the ratio 1:4.
  • You will have to use a towel to cover your head and inhale this solution for a couple of minutes. Stop for one or two minutes and repeat the same.
  • Inhaling the steam of the apple cider vinegar  and hot water solution two to three times a week will help in reducing nasal congestion that is caused by nasal polyps.

Apple cider vinegar can also be consumed internally to get rid of the mucous and the infections that you are suffering from nasal polyps.

  • In a cup of hot water, add three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar  and three tablespoons of honey.
  • Mix them well and drink the resultant solution twice every day, one time in the morning and once in the night.
  • Apple cider vinegar is a detoxifying agent that will help in removing the mucus in your nose that is aggravated by the polyps.

The above are some of the easiest home remedies that you can try to reduce the symptoms as well as to prevent the recurrence of symptoms associated with nasal polyps.

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Ravneet SIngh

Thanks for the information .. one query …For sinus (Nasal Polyps) can we use Apple cider Vinegar for doing neti.. like in two glass of water mix 1 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar , pour the resultant solution in neti pot and do Jal neti …. Will that be harmful or have any side effects.?


    Hello Ravneet,
    I have never tried using Apple Cider Vinegar in the neti potty but I would think because of the acidic nature of the vinegar it may stung your nose if there is some inflammation present. Hope that helps.

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