Get Rid of Nasal Polyps

Get Rid of Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are just one of lots of concerns that you can experience with your nose but there are things to try to help get rid of nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are essentially swollen mucosa and the condition makes it hard for patients to breathe easily through the nose. In severe cases your sense of smell can become affected which also affects your sense of taste.

Natural Home Remedies

Aside from medical treatments, there are also natural therapies that help in reducing the symptoms of the nasal polyps. Let’s look some of them.

Garlic is probably the most efficient home remedy you can discover, and is particularly helpful in reducing the symptoms of nasal polyps. Garlic is an anti-bacterial inflammatory solution. You have to slice around one tea spoon of garlic, and after that swallow it with water. Repeat the treatment twice a day for few days, and you will breathe easily. If you don’t like the taste of the garlic you can take garlic tablets instead.get-rid-of-nasal-polyps-dandelion

Tea tree oil is another treatment that helps reduces nasal polyps. You’ll need a cotton bud for the solution. Dip the bud in tea tree oil, and afterwards place it into your nose trying to reach the polyps with the cotton bud, applying  the tea tree oil directly to the polyp . If you can’t reach the nasal polyps, try to inhale the vapour through each nostril.

Consuming fresh Dandelion is another way to reduce the result of nasal polyps. Rich in vitamin C, dandelion unclogs your obstructed airways and helps shrink the polyps in your nose.

get-rid-of-nasal-polyps-orangeOranges are the last solution on this list, as they are likewise rich in vitamin C. Aside from assisting you reduce the polyps, oranges improve the immune system. All you need to do is consume 2 or three oranges each day. Simple, isn’t it? If you can’t access fresh dandelions or oranges you can take supplements to help achieve the same result.

Steroids and Nasal Polyps

Steroids are another method you can utilize in the treatment of nasal polyps. There are two methods you can use steroids for nasal polyps removal.

The very first choice consists of steroids sprays, which you can use to reduce the size of the polyps. Steroid sprays help to reduce the polyps, and in some cases, they disappear entirely.

Another way to utilize steroids is nasal drops that also reduce the polyps. Steroid nasal drops are the better choice, given that they also clear up the blockage. In this manner, you can breathe easily while the polyps shrink. The first results occur between 7 and 14 days given that you begin utilizing them. When you are clear, it is suggested that you continue making use of drops for another six weeks as a precaution. You need to consult your doctor for access and instructions with this method.

If this fails then your doctor might prescribe a course of corticosteroids and antibiotics if your nasal polyp condition is severe.

Nasal Polyps Removal

There are several methods you can treat nasal polyps and they consists of steroids, house treatments and surgical treatment. Nasal polyps removal is generally attained within weeks, and often clients have to use a steroid spray on a daily basis.


One of the common medicines used for nasal polyps removal is prednisone. Your medical professional must prescribe this oral corticosteroid. The prednisone helps reduce the inflammation in the nostrils. Once the inflammation is relieved the overall size of the sinus nasal polyps generally reduce. They diminish with time, and after a while the symptoms of nasal polyps generally disappear.

The recommendation is to use the steroid for about 7 – 10 days, normally in conjunction with a course of antibiotics to help get rid of the infection associated with this condition. The doctor decides how long you ought to use the prednisone for depending upon the size of the polyps.

The downside to corticosteroids is that a lot of the patients report that the symptoms of nasal polyps return within a few months. If this is the case with you, you will have and to look at other options which can include surgery. Also you might want to look at your lifestyle and try to alleviate factors that enhance and flare up your nasal polyps.

Last Hope – Surgeryget-rid-of-nasal-polyps-doctor

Surgical treatment for nasal polyps is the last resort, and should be made use of only if nothing else works. Nasal polyps surgery is carried out with an endoscope. The endoscope, a tube with light and video camera is inserted into your nose so surgeons can find the polyps. They utilize numerous devices to eliminate the polyps, during which time you are sleeping due to the result of general anaesthesia. The endoscopic sinus surgical procedure is the very last resort for removal of nasal polyps, and is very seldom used. Clients can remove or reduce the effects of the polyps with other remedies.

Nasal polyps removal is normally attained within weeks, and in some cases patients have to use a steroid spray on a daily basis.

Before trying any of the remedies above you should always consult with your doctor to work out if these are right for you.

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