Foods That Inflame Nasal Polyps

Foods Inflame Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are unwanted small tissue growths found in the nasal cavities. It is an annoying thing that could result in nasal blockages.

Some of the main factors that is known to cause growth of nasal polyp are: age, genetics, environment and some allergies.

These polyps are normally caused by chronic sinus infections or nose inflammation due to allergies.

Nasal polyps can cause nose blockages, nasal inflammation, nasal infections and even breathing difficulties. In rare cases, the severity of nasal polyps can even cause loss of taste and smell.

What Aggravates Nasal Polyps

The most common causes that aggravate nasal polyps are certain foods, dust, alcohol, smoke, moldy environments, inflammation and allergies.

Understanding what triggers nasal polyps to become inflamed is a process of elimination. For me 3 things were the main cause; alcohol, yeast products and dust.

Food was therefore a great cause of my nasal polyps inflammation. Once I understood what the triggers were it was much easier to control the flare ups.

Avoid Allergen Foods

If you are suffering from nasal polyps, then care must be taken to not include any of the foods that trigger allergies or allergen foods in your daily diet.

You should try to consistently have a nutritious and well balanced diet. Some of the common allergens that can easily cause nasal polyps are: dairy and products containing yeast (this includes alcohol, pasta and bread).

foods that inflame nasal polyps

Eating excessive amounts of cheese, butter and curd can sometimes inflame nasal polyps. It is also important for you to avoid taking eggs and other foods that contain gluten.

You should try not to take foods that are made by using food preservatives or foods that contain preservatives as this can trigger allergens. Most processed and packaged foods will contain preservatives.

Some of the additives or preservatives you need to avoid are: tartrazine, monosodium glutamate, benzoates and sulfides.

What Foods To Avoid For Nasal Polyps

The following are some of the foods that inflame nasal polyps and should not be taken if you are suffering from symptoms of nasal polyps. This is the best way to stay clear of excessive nasal polyp inflammation symptoms.

  • You should never drink alcohol when you are having symptoms of nasal polyps. It can cause swelling of the mucous lining and easily trigger inflammation of nasal polyps.
  • Milk and other dairy products like cheese, butter, some margarines and ghee should be completely avoided. Soy Milk should be avoided too. They can easily cause the mucous lining to swell and this will result in development of polyps in the nose.


  • Taking in a lot of omega 6 fatty acids can also cause inflammation in your nose and sinuses very easily. It is better to limit the intake of omega 6 fatty acids and increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Canned vegetables, soft drinks, chips, instant soups, pickles products, sauces, cereals  and candy must be totally avoided as they contain tartrazine.
  • Sugar should be avoided as much as possible as this can help to feed chronic low grade inflammation that causes allergies.

It is important for you to include a lot of leafy vegetables and include foods that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A in your daily diet to prevent nasal polyps.

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Great post! One thing to note, soy milk isn’t actually “milk” so it doesn’t count as dairy. Just thought you might want to know so you can change that in the foods to avoid section.


    Hi Mikaela,
    Thanks for bringing that to my attention, and yes you are right, soy milk isn’t a dairy product. I have amended the post to reflect the correct information.
    Kind regards Greg.

Deborah Bosibori

Thanx for this information.. My soon to be 1year old son is suffering from nasal polyp
Kindly advice me on what to do


    Hi Deborah,
    Best thing is to always consult your doctor first.


Deb. asked a serious question.
MDs know very little except what poison to recommend or how to cut it out.


    Hi David,
    Yes exactly, it is a serious question, especially where children are concerned that’s why consulting with a doctor first is the best decision.


I may end up being a case study (subtle sarcasm here), but my nasal polyps were caused by drinking coffee. They came on suddenly when I switched brands and it took almost a year to determine the cause. My best guess is that that brand of coffee is grown some where near an allergen of mine. But, I thought I’d put it out there for anyone who is dealing with this. I know I was looking for anything that would help. I’m glad I figured it out. A month later and I’m still scared to put a towel to my face or sleep on my right side because of the severe pain it used to cause.


    Hi Todd,
    Great to hear that you found out what caused your nasal polyps. They are often caused by an allergic reaction to something.
    The problem is trying to pin down exactly what is causing the allergy and inflammation.
    Caffeine has long been known to be a contributing factor but strange that you only contracted the condition after you changed your coffee brand.
    All the best in the future.

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