Foods That Can Prevent Nasal Polyps

Foods That Can Prevent Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps have become a universal problem and the condition is occurring equally in almost all countries from America to Australia and people from all over the world are easily prone to this condition. There are foods that can prevent nasal polyps from occurring and having an idea about them is a fantastic way to help you control your nasal polyp symptoms just by including them in your diet.

Eating The Foods That Can Prevent Nasal Polyps

Onions And Ginger:

If you have any doubt that polyps are growing in your body, increase the quantity of onions and ginger in your diet and this will help for sure in reducing the sensation.

Fatty Acids:

Reduce the intake of Omega 6 fatty acids which are easily available in the normally available fatty foods. Instead, go for Omega 3 fatty acid rich foods like fishes, milk etc. If you can’t access fresh fish then Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules and Viva Labs Krill Oil are an excellent source of Omega 3. Reducing the intake of regular fatty foods will help in shrinking the nasal polyps considerably.

Oranges And Lemons:

Vitamin C is effective in increasing the strength of immune system. Oranges and lemons are very rich in vitamin C and including them in your diet daily will help in preventing the nasal polyps from occurring. Having trouble getting fresh fruit, then Vitamin C supplements can help to increase your daily intake. Obviously fresh is best.


Reducing intake of fluids will lead to increase in polyps. Polyps may occur in any part of the body which is having soft tissue and nasal polyps are not that much severe when compared to other polyps occurring inside the stomach, uterus area etc. Whatever the region may be excessive intake of water will surely help in reducing the polyps.


foods-prevent-nasal-polypsSelenium is a most important micro nutrient and it is found in items like mushrooms, nuts, shrimp etc. Excessive intake of this micro nutrient can cause problems but the normal intake will help in reducing the nasal polyps.

Carotene Rich Foods:

Carotene and Vitamin A rich foods which are important to protect the soft tissue and lining of the membrane of soft tissues are really helpful in preventing nasal polyps. Sweet potatoes, carrot, milk etc are rich in vitamin A and the anti-oxidant properties will help in preventing some other diseases.

These are some of the important foods which should be included in your diet if you are suffering from nasal polyps, better known as nasal polyps foods. There are some foods which are very rich in nutrients but need to be avoided if you are suffering from nasal polyps like soya milk, yeast, wheat etc. It is better to avoid ready to eat processed foods and food items that contain preservatives as these can cause inflammation through allergy.

If you need to know the complete way to go about using natural home remedies to get rid of nasal polyps then you can check it out here.

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